Training and development of nurses and carers is an utmost concern for us and is a top priority when it comes to delivering the highest level of quality service.

We work very closely with our professional training consultants to make sure updated evidence-based training is available to staff at all times. We strive to develop innovative training solutions directly aimed at the healthcare sector. We offer a wide variety of training sessions to several private organisations and healthcare providers across the Northwest of England. We strive to create a leading presence in supplying exclusive healthcare education packages that encourage the best practice throughout.

At Medicare, we don’t compromise on quality. Therefore, we heavily invest in training and development to nurture our employees so that they can excel in their area of specialisation. This results in strengthening our business for the future. Our Trainee Recruitment Programme is designed for candidates that are ambitious, money-oriented and looking for thriving career.

Our continued business success is courtesy the ability to match the right jobs with the right people. We firmly believe that our employees today will lead us to success for tomorrow and it is imperative that we employ individuals that are only willing to join hands with us on the road to success.

Our training programme offers participants an amazing opportunity to start a career that is flexible, offers a great pay and allows you to gain valuable experience. Our induction plans allow employees to feel comfortable and a part of the company instantly. We realise the growing need of training and development necessary for every stage of the career. That’s why we make sure to offer ongoing support and training that helps to speed up the learning process and allows employees to master skills required for a particular sector.

Our recruitment team undergoes a strict training scheme, which determines their recruitment success and capability to match the right people with the right jobs.

All our nurses and carers are certified and up-to-date with current medical technologies and techniques necessary for effective care and cure of patients.